Introducing Balkan Ruby

19 December 2017 // Genadi

Have you ever really wished for something, only for it to become true? We were supposed to chase this McGuffin of ours for eternity and now, Balkan Ruby out of the intelligible realm of them forms.

“Abe Mmmcheta…” Vesti said “How does ownership work across dimensions?”

Damn Vesti always having a point. We never though of the legality of it all, but I guess we are multidimensional pirates. Being the balkaninas we are, there was blame to be shared. So we opened the internet and wrote:

Apply to our Call for Papers and if selected:

  • Fly by plane!
  • Sleep free in a Slavic Hotel!
  • The Balkans are sooo fancy, everybody be jealous! (Gain the respect and adulation of your peers!)

Where do you sign up? Here. But beware, there be lamyas (Slavic Dragons)! To overcome the lamya you have to be:

  • Awesome, Passionate!
  • Like Ruby!
  • Know about it too!
  • Okay not only Ruby, Ruby-like works too!
  • We have this thing for weird…
  • Sign up until 14th of February.