Announcing Balkan Ruby 2020

28 Sept, 2019 | The Team

We are happy to announce Balkan Ruby 2020, the third edition of the conference about Ruby and satellite technologies! Save the dates – 15th and 16th of May 2020. The location is Sofia, Bulgaria. 


For a third year in a row the event will be held in Sofia. Sofia is easy to reach with a lot of low cost flights available, relatively cheap accommodation and accessible public transport. We have a strong Ruby community with a couple of big companies, plenty of startups, dedicated community leaders, regular Ruby meetup and Rails Girls events

Although we love Sofia (busted!), our goal is to make Balkan Ruby traveling event in the future, happening in different cities around the Balkans. We want to build a strong brand and good relationship with the partners that help us bring the conference to you and then start the tour. 

Nevertheless, we are exploring starting this expansion – if you want to bring a piece of Balkan Ruby in your town, or know someone who's passionate about that, please get in touch with us

Call for speakers is now open

Matz, Charles Nutter and Akira Matsuda are the first presenters we announce and the call for speakers is now officially open

We believe that a diverse lineup of speakers, coming from different backgrounds, is an important part of making the event strong. Getting together smart people from around the world and creating an environment for them to exchange knowledge and collaborate. We cover the hotel and plane tickets for the event for every speaker, not just the famous or invited ones. 

Balkan Ruby started very humble in 2018, last year we were proud of the progress and in 2020 we'd like to do even better. That's why we are opening the call a lot earlier, so we can reach even more presenters with 4 full months of selection. That doesn't make it easier (for example last year we got nearly 100 proposals for just 2 months), but we think that this is the way to go if we want to build our strongest lineup, yet. In the past we've included a couple of first-time speakers and we'll continue to do so – this year dedicating more effort helping them get started. Everyone is welcome aboard! 

Another improvement is the adoption of Ruby Central's CFP app, so the process should be a lot more smoother. 

The deadline for submitting your talk is 1st of February 2020. Even if you don't get selected, we'll have slots for lightning talks in both days, so you can still share the technology, project or idea that got you excited! 

Blind bird tickets now available

The Blind bird tickets are already on sale – 59€ if you get them before 1st of February 2020. After that they gradually increase to the full price of €99. 

This includes two days of presentations, a couple of pre-events, and last but not least – several official and unofficial parties. A full week of Ruby celebration. 

If you want to bring your whole team here for Balkan Ruby – let us know, so we can support you in any way possible. 

This year we'll introduce a lot more affordable Student passes and as always have quota for community/diversity tickets. Stay tuned for more information about these. 

Check out the videos from 2019, and get your pass here. 

See you soon!

2020 is going to be big for Ruby. We are excited for what's ahead, and we can't wait to learn more about your talks and meet you in Sofia next year! 

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Genadi, Svetlio and Vesti