Balkan Ruby 2020 – Cancelled

Dear friends,

As some of you already heard, Bulgaria has been hit by the coronavirus and we have our first confirmed COVID-19 cases. We also have companies withdrawing from participation due to travel restrictions. On top of that both of our venues are now closed for indefinite period, due to government regulations and a strong response to the threat of spreading the disease. 

With heavy hearts we are announcing that Balkan Ruby 2020 is cancelled. We hope to return in 2021 with an even better and bigger event, but as of now we believe that this is the most responsible action to take. 

Some of you asked to reschedule for later-on during the year, or to turn it into an online event, but since the situation is very uncertain, we're thinking that skipping a year is the right thing to do. If we get to cancel the event twice in a single year, that will be devastating to Balkan Ruby's future. 

Huge thanks to the awesome lineup of speakers, our long time supporters – eMerchantPay, Receipt Bank, Toptal and SumUp and every single one of you, that travel to our country, have fun with us and help us spread the Ruby love. 

We will start issuing refunds later this week. All the details can be read here.

Stay safe, healthy and support your local communities and meetups. If you need more information, or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us over email or Twitter

Vestimir, Genadi and Svetlio


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