Bozhidar Batsov's avatar

Bozhidar Batsov

Sustainable OSS Development

Nick Sutterrer's avatar

Nick Sutterrer

Trailblazer – The Almost Sustainable Underdog

Xavier Noria's avatar

Xavier Noria

A Dateless Mindset

Irina Nazarova's avatar

Irina Nazarova

How to do well in consulting

Radoslav Stankov's avatar

Radoslav Stankov

One engineer company with Ruby on Rails

Stephen Margheim's avatar

Stephen Margheim

How (and why) to run SQLite in production

Ruslan Leteyski's avatar

Ruslan Leteyski

Using Ruby on Rails to become financially independent

Cristian Planas's avatar

Cristian Planas

2000 engineers, 2 millions lines of code: the history of a Rails monolith

Anatoly Mikhaylov's avatar

Anatoly Mikhaylov

2000 engineers, 2 millions lines of code: the history of a Rails monolith

Dimiter Petrov's avatar

Dimiter Petrov

20 years and going: making it as a consultancy

Monica Giambitto's avatar

Monica Giambitto

Тоо much of Good Thing

Josef Strzibny's avatar

Josef Strzibny

Writing and marketing Deployment from Scratch

Adrian Marin's avatar

Adrian Marin

Build a business on Open Source and Ruby


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