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Balkan Ruby is a technical event by heart but also a small business. As we are rebuilding it for 2024 and facing the new economic realities, we want to discuss them.

We are looking for two kinds of talks: technical talks about making businesses run in Ruby and talks about running an enterprise with Ruby – be it a small company, a consultancy, a service company, a side gig, freelancing, sustaining an OSS project, running event – whatever pay the bills.

There are 14 talking slots (9 available), 30 minutes each. We are a 2-day event running on a single track.

Become a speaker

We will close our call for speakers on .

Do you cover speaker accommodations?

Yes, we do! We will cover your accommodations for the duration of the conference. We will be in contact with you to arrange the details.

My company covers speaker expenses!

This is of great help to us! In return, we can offer a Travel sponsor package for your company.


Early Bird tickets are available until we announce the speaker lineup. Get yours now!

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