The history of a Rails monolith

Cristian Planas

I am a software engineer that has been working primarily with Rails since the release of Rails 3, more than 10 years ago. Performance optimization has been an obsession for me since I founded my first start-up as a solo engineer in 2012. Currently, I am a group tech lead and senior staff engineer at Zendesk, where I focus on performance optimization.

Anatoly Mikhaylov

I live in Dublin, Ireland. I'm Performance and Reliability engineer with over 15 years of experience. I'm part of Capacity and Performance team at Zendesk where I'm responsible for capacity management, infrastructure rightsizing, building sophisticated observability, running performance workshops and ensuring large complex system is up and running reliably and cost efficiently. My team plays key role in incidents response to performance and capacity related outages. I also contribute to Zendesk Engineering and Nginx blogs, publish with USENIX Login magazine and present Zendesk at several tech conferences and online webinars.


Rails is the best framework for building your startup. But what happens when the startup becomes a leading business? How do companies that have Rails at the heart of its stack manage growth? How do you maintain a growing application for 15 years in a constantly changing environment?

In this presentation, Anatoly Mikhaylov and Cristian Planas, Senior Staff Engineers at Zendesk, will share with you their 10 years of experience in a company that has succeeded by keeping Rails in its core. They will guide you through the life of a Rails-centered organization, that scaled from zero to hundreds of millions of users.


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